• translations from Italian and Polish into Slovak and Czech
• in selected technical sectors translations from English into the target languages indicated above
• interpreting Italian-Slovak-Czech-Polish
• revisions of translations

Fields of specialization
scientific texts in the following fields:
• chemistry and chemical technologies
• biology
• physics and biophysics
• environmental studies

Technical texts, like manuals and user interfaces for machines and industrial plants and their electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic subsystems:
• machine tools – CNC
• plastic injection molding plants
• packaging lines
• food technologies
• pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
• textiles
• paper industry
• waste management and recycling
• industrial automation

Instructions and forms, catalogues, product specifications sheets and safety data sheets:
• building materials and ceramics
• transportation and logistics
• automobile industry
• metallurgy
• energy and heating, renewable sources of energy
• foodstuffs and feed

Acquired skills (even if not particularly fond of this :) ) in the field of translations of commercial and legal texts

Translated texts are delivered after revision of spelling and style. Upon request proofs can also be corrected. These services, as well as research on terminology, are included in the price set for translation.
Calculation of prices: according to the specific terminology employed.
The estimate is calculated according to the number of pages (1500 characters spaces included) or the number of words in the source text if automatic counting is possible. According to the target text, I set the price only in cases where the format of the source text is not editable and so does not allow an automatic word count.

Price for revisions of translations:
corrections only: 30% of the standard fee
slight modifications: 50% of the standard fee
considerable modifications: 100% of standard fee